Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Hello Again

So now that I've updated you on my big boy Dante' it's time to update you on little Royce. Royce is such a ham. He's such a good baby. He never cries and is always happy, BUT I know that could change as soon as he hit's the "terrible twos" because every child goes through it, but so far I am one lucky momma. He is a great sleeper and has been since the day we brought him home and a GREAT eater. He's on solid foods now and usually has 1-3 bottles a day we are working on weening him off the bottle because at one they should be on whole milk NOT FROM A BOTTLE! He's doing good. I am not giving him a sippy cup because those are just like bottles and can cause rotten teeth so I've started him with a regular glass at 9 months and he's pretty much got it down. I only give him little bits at time, but he does great! The biggest accomplishment/milestone is baby Royce started walking at 10months!!! He know says hi and bye and waves loves to clap and dance. He says momma, dada, papa, nana, and his newest is UH OH! So here are some pictures of my handsome little man Royce!