Monday, October 24, 2011

Hello There

Yes I know it's been forever AGAIN!  I am so busy between the ARMY, the dudes, and school I barely have time for anything else and I LOVE IT! 

A little update:

I am so happy it's fall and everything pumpkin flavored is out.  It's pretty much the best time of year.  I have made 3 pumpkin pies already, pumpkin custard, & pumpkin chocolate chip cookies--YUM!

Kev has been in the Field for over a week now which sucks, but we are used to it--it's an Army thing. 

Giovanni is HUGE growing like a weed.  He's over 17lbs and 26 inches long.  He'll be 4 months old on the 6.  He loves his hands and is always babbling (loves listening to himself).   His brothers are by far his favorite things.  He's getting a tooth and not the happiest about it and his favorite food is carrots.

Royce is hilarious.  He amazes me everyday.  He's so smart and such a little peanut.  Last month he was 27lbs.  He just turned 3 and will let you know that and also that his favorite color is blue.  He loves his brothers and is very caring.  He's my little snuggle bug.

Dante' is in kindergarten.  He's so smart and just so eager to learn new things.  Everyday he comes home from school he tells me about something new he learned.  He's such a great big brother and a very big helper in our house.