Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Spring Time

Hi there!  I got all my housework done early today and the 2 little dudes are napping so I thought I'd update the blog.  March was a CRAZY month!  Daddy was gone for a whole month to training and we did a lot to keep busy, but mostly we stayed sick.  First we all got the stomach bug and then the boys got bad colds again which they passed on to me and with my immune system down I ended up in the hospital with pneumonia--not fun!
We kicked off April with daddy's arrival and a 7 day leave in which we were able to go to the HUGE 6 flags indoor waterpark with the boys.  We all had a blast and cannot wait to go back.  They have GREAT military rates so we will definitly be going back in the near future. 
Dante' is doing great.  He's always happy and FULL of energy and he's a big helper. 
Royce is Royce.  He definitly has hit the terrible 3's.  My sweet little cuddley boy has turned into my sassy boy.  He still likes to cuddle mama, but he's definitly got a little attitude.  His favorite person is his baby brother and they are so cute to watch!
Giovanni is such a big happy baby.  I am so happy to call him mine!  He never cries not even when he's hungry.  He will get whiney when he's tired, but give him his blankey and paci and put him in bed and he's happy.  He still takes 2 3 hr naps everyday and sleeps from between 8-9 until about 9 or 9:30 so we couldn't have asked for a better sleeper.  He loves to play with his brothers and he's crawling all over the place and crusing around the furniture so we've definitly spent the last couple weeks baby proofing since he's into anything and everything!  I am loving watching my boys grow up, but I wish things would slow down a little bit because I miss my little newborn.