Friday, March 4, 2011

21 Weeks Pregnant

Your Baby's Growth and Development

By 21 weeks, your baby's growth has slowed somewhat though your baby is still growing and developing at a remarkable pace. Your baby's skin, organs and central nervous system continue to develop and mature.  Though not fully matured, your baby's digestive system is also working at 21 weeks pregnant. The intestines are slowly starting to contract and relax, and your baby is able to swallow and absorb fluids through the amniotic fluid.  Though it seems unusual that your baby swallows amniotic fluid, this actually helps mature the digestive system.  At some point in your pregnancy, you might start noticing that your baby has started hiccupping. Believe it or not, hiccupping in utero is actually quite common. Fetal hiccups typically begin sometime during the second trimester. You may notice hiccups as a small, repetitive and rhythmic movement that occurs for a few minutes at a time in your belly.

Your Growth and Development

While you are growing during week 21, your abdomen is still a size that is quite manageable and allows for a great deal of movement and freedom. Many women enjoy the second trimester and consider it the honeymoon period of pregnancy.


21 weeks

weight gain 4 lbs

CRAVINGS!!!  PASTA anything Italian--olives, polenta, anti pasta, gnocchi, and the list goes on..
also have a sweet tooth and wouldn't you know dunkin doughnuts is right across the street (yikes)

LEG CRAMPS and horrible heart burn, but other than that I am happy and healthy and cannot wait to meet my little Giovanni.