Wednesday, March 23, 2011

24 Weeks and Feeling Better!

Today I had my 24 week appointment.  We will have an ultrasound this Friday to make sure everything is still going good.  I am considered high risk since the recent loss.  I cannot believe my due date for Gaby would be Monday..crazy!!  My appointment went well and I like my new doctor so that's great.  I got my lab slip for the diabetes screening which I am not looking forward to at all! 
Everyone in our house is finally feeling better which is a huge stress reliever.  I finished my antibiotics and now just have an annoying cough, but it's better than (fever, chills, sweating, etc.)  Dante' is doing good he still has about 5 days left on his meds, but his fever and everything is gone!  Royce is doing well too!  They go for their follow up on Tuesday so I am praying for a clean bill of health! 
I finally caught up on house work today so maybe in the next few days I will have some time to upload some pictures.  I have been so tired lately a lot more tired than I was in the first Trimester, but other than that I've been feeling pretty darn good and cannot complain!  Here are some 24 week stats!

Pregnancy Stats:

How Far Along: 24 weeks

Size of baby: about 2 lbs.
Total Weight Gain: 5 lbs.

Gender: perfect baby boy
Movement:  A LOT. I have started keeping track of his movements throughout the day. The docs like to see at least 10 movements within a 2 hour period during the day.  He's got that beat!  He's constantly flipping around.
Sleep: okay I do tend to toss and turn a lot, but I am getting at least 8 hrs each night.
What I miss: hmm the buckle :) I cannot wait to get some jeans after I pop him out!
Cravings: Italian food AND SWEETS!
Maternity Clothes: mainly just leggings and long shirts, but I do have like 2 maternity tops
Best Moment this week: Baby Giovannni kicking Dante'.  Dante' had the biggest smile I've ever seen--it was priceless!!