Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Giovanni Ellis

As many of you know 2010 was a big year for us.  We got daddy back in Feb. which was one of the best days of our lives and then in Sept. we lost our third child, a little girl Gabriella which was devastating for us.  RIP baby girl!  When I went for my checkup in Dec. we did get some pretty awesome news I was expecting again.  I wasn't sure how to react and was nervous about being pregnant again and the risks of becoming pregnant so soon after a delivery and I knew I couldn't handle another loss, but I also knew that our little angel would watch over the baby and that she has!!!  I am now 21 weeks pregnant with our 3 son.  We couldn't agree on a name and after many discussions I mentioned Giovanni after my grandpa and that was it we loved it and since my grandpa was a huge part of my life it really meant a lot to me.  I know he's smiling up in heaven knowing that his great grandson is named after him! 
Here is a picture of Giovanni's crib we ordered and the awesome fabric my aunt is using to make the crib set.  We are doing black, yellow, gray, white.

We have also decided that we are going to do cloth diapers with Gio because of my other two boys being allergic to everything (gluten, soy, dairy) and they have horrible asthma, allergies, and eczema.  This way we know he is safe.  After doing tons of research and talking to a lot of moms we ordered 20 elemental organic bumgenius diapers.  We also went with charlies soap and are using flannel wipes with my own solution I made.  We bought a diaper sprayer and the wet and dry bags now all we need is little Gio!!!  I am super excited to try these out and to have a new little baby in the house!