Thursday, March 3, 2011

I wanted to update on the boys quickly.  First of all I was so happy to find a store where I can buy their food right down the road from our new house.  "The Mustard Seed" as many of you know they both have severe asthma and allergies to pretty much everything.  We cannot have any sort of pet because even though people think there is such thing as hypoallergenic dogs...they still carry dander!  Anyways, they also have celiacs and cannot have soy or dairy so they are on a vegan diet.  It's very hard and can be frustrating and is very expensive!  I shop online for bulk stuff on amazon for them and also the and I have a lot of good cook books for picky eaters.   You'd be surprised by just changing a child's diet affects them.  It's amazing!  Gluten Free is going to become more common and more and more restaurants will start carrying it. 

Royce has had a rough start to his life with asthma!  He's 2 and has had RSV, pneumonia 5 times, strept 2 times, and multiple ear and sinus infections.  He is now on Flovent, Claritin, Albuterol, and veramyst and by changing his diet and giving him his meds he's been in the green zone for 2 months!!!!  He's a very happy boy and is one smart little guy.  He is registered to start headstart this fall and he cannot wait!

Dante' is doing great he's on the same diet and medicine as Royce and it's working great for him.  He's had a cough for a few days, but we just moved and he's getting used to the weather change and everything so it's nothing too serious.  He started school yesterday and LOVES it!  He gets to ride the bus which makes him very happy too!