Monday, July 25, 2011

a little bit of everything

Hey all.  Sorry it takes me so long to post.  I said I was going to be better at posting, but it's hard with 3 boys, school work, house work etc.  The only time I get on the computer is when the dudes are asleep and usually when they go to sleep I take advantage of it and sleep too! 
Anyways, all is great here.  Giovanni is growing like a weed.  He's drinking 5 oz bottles already!!  He will be 3 weeks old on Wednesday and he just started smiling yesterday.  His chord also fell off the other day so he got his first real bath and we've been only using the cloth diapers WHICH I LOVE!  They are the easiest things ever they are just like disposables except instead of throwing in the garbage you throw in the washer.  They are so much better for babies bums and the planet AND I love that they don't stink!!  I wish I would have used them with the other boys.
Dante' and Royce are great.  They LOVE their little brother and they love to help me which I love.  They got a new fish since they are allergic to pretty much every other animal.  They love it and named it Alpha!  They enjoy playing outside everyday--they love summer and we've been taking advantage of all the hot days by going to the beach or swimming outside in their pool.
Kev and I celebrated our 4th anniversary recently and I turned 26 and that's about all that's been going on in our busy lives.  I start my fall classes Aug 22nd.  I cannot wait for the semester to be over and have my degree!!!  
I will post pictures tomorrow of our last couple weeks and also Gio's first bath!