Monday, March 5, 2012

It's Been Awhile...a LONG while :)

Hey all sorry I've been mia, but life is busy and lately SUPER busy with sick kids!  We are on meds for ear infections now so I am hoping this is the end! 
    Royce started off by having a seizure from a 106 temp so we rushed him to the er and found out he had Pneumonia (his 10th time)  He's been tested for cystic fibrosis which thank god he doesn't have and we had his immunoglobins checked and all the levels were normal which is great since he's been on prednisone so much!  They ended up giving him steroid injections and antibiotic shots too, because when he's sick his asthma is horrible!!!  Dante' and the baby ended up with RSV and croup and then pink eye hit the house and now they are on meds for ear infections.  Thankfully this all happened when my hubby was home otherwise I might have got crazy!!
     We finally got an appointment with a developmental pediatrician for Dante' and had him re evaluated for his adhd to see how he's doing and if he's making progress without meds...he's not!  The poor kid was writing and reading at an 8 year old level and his iq was amazing, but the adhd has put a damper on things and without help he isn't doing well.  We have him on a gluten free diet and have added magnesium and calm vitamins to see if these will help and we go back in April to find out if we will have to put him on the meds.  He's doing great otherwise.  He's so happy and helpful and loves his brothers and his best friend Jason at school! 
     Royce is doing great besides being sick all the time.  He loves school and his brothers and he is def. a mommas boy.  He is always by my side and always wants me to play.  He's super smart and says the funniest stuff--he also likes to embarrass us in public lol (kids come up with the funniest stuff)  He has started allergy shots and we go back in July to see if he has to have his heart fixed or if the hole has made progress we will wait, but I would just like it fixed because it's the reason why he keeps getting pneumonia...grr I just have to remind myself things could always be worse and I am so thankful to be alive and have 3 beautiful boys and an amazing husband!
     Giovanni is just the sweetest most relaxed easy going child I have ever met.  He's always got a big smile on his face and is just happy to be alive!  He's crawling and standing and non stop babbling.  He loves his daddy and his brothers so much!  He's a BIG boy!!
Here are some pics we had taken by Kristen Charles Photography (a photographer in the fort drum area) 

And the two below are from 516 Photography another local photographer.  We have family pics with her scheduled in April so stay tuned!!